CAT Compatability test...
Are YOU really ready for a kitten or cat?
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Pets are wonderful. They give unconditional love, but can you?
Be sure you and your family are ready BEFORE you decide to
include a cat or kitten as a part of your family or lifestyle.
1. You want a kitten because:

a. You saw some free ones in the paper and thought *why not?*-it
might be fun!
b. Your kids are always begging you for one, so you're finally giving
c. You've taken the time to learn all about cats' needs and have
decided you are ready
d. You've been depressed and think maybe a kitten would help

2. You plan to choose a kitten by:

d. color

3. You view cat hair as~

a. all animals shed hair
b. you're happy cats groom their own, want a breed that requires
little or no grooming from you
c. can't wait to brush and groom your kitten or cat as you
understand the special bond grooming brings
d. Dread the thoughts of cleaning hair from furniture and clothes,
want a *no-shed* variety, or will confine to certain rooms!

4. The extent of your catcare knowledge~

a. talked with friends and neighbors who have cats, done a little
b. know I need a litterbox, food and bed, toys, etc.
c. Have done research and read books recommended by my
breeder and veterinarian as well as seeking advice.
d. I have little time, so believe a cat would work better in my lifestyle
than a dog.

5. Your present income allows for~

a. I can afford to and will buy only quality petfood, supplies and
b. can only afford cheap catfood and catlitter
c. I can afford to spoil my cats rotten! My Veterinarian knows me well
and recommends me as a responsible pet person.
d. I can only afford tablescraps, but feel they are better than cheap

6. My opinion of any type of Surgical Pet *modification* is:

a. I personally would never declaw because cats need defense in
case they should get out
b. I haven't given it much thought, nor have I researched it, I just
listen to what my friends and neighbors say-
c. I have researched and understand the importance of keeping a
cats' claws intact, I will buy a cat tree and scratching post before I
ever bring home a kitten or cat, their actual happiness is my main
d. I feel it is my right to do whatever I please. After all, I paid for *it*,  I
am giving it a home so it must be modified to my specifications,
besides, I don't have the time to train~it's easier...

7. When you are away from home or travel~

a. Have a neighbor or friend to look in on your pets
b. have them boarded at a quality *resort*
c. have safe means to take them with you
d. leave out plenty of food and water

8. Your current living situation is:

a. Live with a spouse or other adult
b. Have children 7 or older
c. live alone
d. have children under the age of 6

9. Other residents of your household are~

a. willing and able to help with kitten/cat care
b. willing and able to learn about cat and kitten care
c. Are knowledgeable or learning about care and always available
d. one or more members are not fond of cats, but *allowing* you your

10. My present lifestyle can best be described as:

a. I'm busy, but have spare time
b. not sure, may have to move, change jobs, find different living
c. Steady lifestyle, pleasant, satisfying, stable
d. Changing, traumatic, full of question or unstable

11. I will view my new cat/kitten as~

a. as a family responsibility and member of the family
b. as a *fun* new family venture and project
c. Much as a child that is a dependent to love and cherish, but also
a responsibility for it's entire life.
d. as an animal/pet that can be *taken back* or gotten rid of if it
doesn't work out*

12. Your work hours involve~

a. 40 hours a week plus some overtime
b. Dedicated to my work, I often work long hours or hold more than
one job
c. I work 40 hours a week or less, or work/stay at home
d. I travel often, so am away from home often throughout the year

Give yourself 3 points for every C answer, 2 points for every A
answer, and 1 point for every B answer. 0 points for every d answer.
Add them up-
30-36-You are a prime candidate!  Compatability -YES!

23-29-Try to research various breeds and temperaments, then head
to a shelter or reliable breeder- Good Luck!

19-24-Seriously give thought to making a few changes or
researching further before bringing home a cat or kitten

0-18-Consider major changes and researching facts and cat care,
requirements and needs before thinking of adding a kitten or cat to
your household at this time
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