Why do Vets Declaw?
So why do so many vets declaw, if it's so inhumane?

Well, in much of the developed world, they don't.  Declawing is banned in most of Europe and in Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, except in cases of medical necessity.

But that's not the case in the US and Canada - and the reason why so many vets are so willing and even anxious to perform declaws is because it's a lucrative procedure that brings a lot of money into their clinics.  Additionally, not only is declawing legal in the US and Canada, there are no professional standards in North America that require vets to educate their clients about what declawing really is so that the client can make an informed decision.

Here in North America, there are some enlightened vets who refuse to declaw cats except in cases of medical necessity.  Others will attempt to dissuade their clients from declawing their cats but will perform the procedure if the client insists.  Still others provide some basic (and sometimes misleading) information to their clients, but make no attempt to dissuade them from declawing.  And then there are those who not only don't attempt to dissuade their clients from declawing, they actually promote the procedure and/or actively encourage their clients to choose to have their cats declawed.  The veterinary clinics listed in the Declaw Hall of Shame belong primarily to these last two categories.

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Declaw Hall of Shame
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