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For the Love of a Cat

By Jan Huber /www.janskids.com
Written 8/25/05
In honor of all the poor kittens and cats butchered each year because of ignorance or  greed-
(Save Their toes!-It MAY save their lives!)

Seldom a death Sentence for Scratching or clawing-

Yet their vet said "it's better while tiny and small,"

neighbors and friends said "You must have declawing!"

"Too busy for training, this takes care of it now!"

Small kittens of breeding, and mixed breeds as well,

from breeders and shelters, all wondering how

so many have lost homes, as hopes quickly fell,

Vets told their people "NO LONGTERM EFFECTS!"

Still those with their birthright, claws left intact,

with guardians of wisdom, as knowledge collects,

give Hope to cats' future by actual FACTS!

So whether a kitten, so tiny and sweet,

or big cats, black cats, tabby or spot

they deserve only your LOVE, not butcherd feet!

Training is true love, declawing is NOT!

Every year thousands of kittens are adopted to individuals and families with hopes of a forever home filled with love and enjoyment.  When was it that someone came up with the idea to modify this animal to better suit it's owners' desires? All too soon this idea became routine, and ten extremely painful bone amputations were done on precious little kittens and helpless cats everywhere, on a daily basis, thought of as a necessity. Only too often these poor maimed creatures eventually had problems because of this forced handicap, but had to suffer in silence, as no one, not it's owner, and not the vet who did the surgery, were ever willing to admit that amputating half it's toes could possibly cause problems later on. Sometimes it was immediate, sometimes not, and sometimes no behavioral or physical problems presetned themselves till much later. Still, the surgery, which has become a lucritive money maker, continues. Many vets do not like to do this, some truly are oblivious to the fact that it is actually wrong, but untill there are laws, too many will  still feel the need to stay competetive with client demand.

Caring veterinarians and people who work with animals on a daily basis are now, and have been for some time, aware through extended studies, and simple observation, that there indeed are longterm effects to this crippling procedure.  While behavior problems may indeed present themselves with the clawed cat as well as the declawed, the clawed cat has a good chance of rehabilitation,  but you can never put a cat's toes back on! Too often, these poor animals are relinquished to a pound, too often euthanized. What a life, first they are mutilated, then killed for natural reactions to it! Some handicapped animals adjust, others, just like people, do not.
Declawing does NOT help a cat keep their home, too often it is the very reason for losing it!

This surgery is not only cruel and unnecesary, it should not be  allowed. We need laws passed to stop this legal insanity!
For the Love of a Cat...a poem written with hope
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