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*Although veterinarians in most other countries, and many veterinarians in the US and Canada consider declawing cats and kittens cruel, unethical, unnecessary and illegal, there  are still far too many here in the US and Canada who continue to find excuses to perform this legal cruelty. Since many cat owners still do not realise it is not only unnecessary, but wrong, they will continue to demand this surgery without a single thought. Eventually it will be illegal here as well, but that  may be too late for many cats.
Laser declawing is simply and expensive, less bloody way to maim a cat!
* Many verterinarians, fearing loss of money into their clinics as some people slowly began to realise the problems connected with amputation of claws, bone, ligaments and veins,  intialized still another idea to coax unaware pet parents into their clinics. The Laser!  Sadly, there is still a great amount of pain connected with laser, though tests show the pain comes later with laser and two days later you couldn't tell a scalpel declaw from a laser declaw, people somehow have been lead to believe this is OK.  Because there is less bloody mess? It's still actual bone amputation, and
longterm affects both physical and psychological  may ruin the pet person's chance of enjoying a healthy,  happy, well behaved  kitty. Because undue stress leads to health problems, and because simple logic should deduct that this surgery, no matter how it's done,  is unethical, cruel , unnecessary, and may carry with it potential longterm problems...still...            
"They built it... and people came"...
Unfortunately you will even see advertisements all over the internet, newpapers and magazines saying this method is *GUILT FREE* Picture this: a smiling child holding a just laser-declawed cat or kitten! The reality is, the child is smiling, the cat isn't! Of course cats don't smile, but this picture prompts thoughts of a *happy* ending. What's wrong with this picture? It portrays barbaric cruelty as normal, good, right, OK.
It is so sad that veterinarians are using this wonderful laser machine to actually harm our beautiful felines!
Before you even THINK of such a drastic step-
Please...ask yourself THIS...
When thinking of the laser as a method of taking away your pets' defense,  its' fingers or toes, think again!
* Would you like to go through life unable to use your fingers?
A cats' claws are used like you use your fingers! Yes! How happy would YOU be with only your palms to do daily tasks? Would it frustrate you? Stress you?

The answer is YES

Laser surgery is easier, more convenient, more espensive, but laser surgery should never include declawing
*What is your favorite activity? Dancing? Running? Sports?
How well would you master these activities with
no toes and/or no fingers? A cat uses both front and back claws for brakes, balance, scratching, grooming, for vigorous exersise, for ease in climbing, ALL of it's claws are used daily for it's own enjoyment. Would you and others consider one handicapped without all of their apendages?
The answer is YES

* How do you best express yourself? Through writing? Verbally? Artisticly?
A cat leaves scents (undetected by humans) when it scratches on surfaces, it's a way he expresses himself, leaves messages (Undetected by humans). These messages are left on their own furniture, if you provide them, Not YOURS. Without his claws, he will attempt to mark territory, but his messages are silenced now...perhaps he will find another way(?)
Would YOU feel frustrated and maybe just give up if you could no longer articulate your thoughts to other humans?
The answer is YES
laser declaws are simply burning through bone, veins, tendons, skin, rather than cutting, same result...
* If you felt intermittent pain doing daily tasks, pain that only increased with age, (what about "ghost pains" from amputated BONE?),  would you choose rest over what you once enjoyed,  to ease pain, or just to attempt comfort? It has now been recognized that many physical problems and diseases as well as phsychological, have surfaced in declawed felines. Would you, knowingly risk such problems as diabetes, early arthritis, other health issues, too numerous to list, or just your cats' happiness, if you could avoid it?
Your answer SHOULD be NO!
If someone tells you their kitty's laser declaw was a huge success, ask them  again in a few years!
if it isn't, and if you do not believe you have the minimum intelligence it takes to train a kitten, or are too lazy to try, don't have the time or interest, aren't even caring enough to provide for your pet what it really needs for it's enjoyment, happiness, and your assurance  of a peaceful coexistance ( a GOOD, STURDY, tall cat tree with sisal poles) knowing what problems you may be causing your pet if you take away it's most prized possession, please solve all problems in the simplest way possible- please-
don't adopt or purchase a cat or kitten!
If you honestly understood the
problems and pain you may cause an animal for it's life, and still considered having this procedure  done, you might reconsider your reasons for wanting a feline as a forever pet, then seriously consider the possibility of another, less active, less sociable pet. Thank you for that consideration!
When you are asked if you want your kitten declawed when he or she is spayed or neutered to protect his or her health,  your answer should be NO!  ALWAYS SAY NO TO DECLAW!
If you are already experiencing claw problems and need help, or are thinking of getting an older cat or kitten , and are in need of advice. HELP is AVAILABLE!-so much easier to handle an existing clawing problem than the many behavioral problems that slowly beigin AFTER declaw!