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Choosing your Kitten's Food WISELY!-

Just about everyone will agree, you want to feed your new family member a NUTRITIONAL food. This means you need to KNOW how to read ingredient labels! The first ingredient listed is supposed to be what is MOST in the food, but, look again! If, for instance, Corn is listed 3 times, in 3 different forms, it COULD outweigh the first ingredient, which SHOULD be MEAT(Specified!) , POULTRY, OR FISH, or meat(specified!), poultry or fish MEAL-NOT by-products (which can be beaks, feathers, hair etc) or digest, (which COULD contain manure!) Look for NATURAL,  HIGH quality ingredients, look for 100% nutritionally complete and balanced with  high percent; digestability. Not all expensive or big-name brands are best!  However, a really true
high quality food will NOT Be Cheap.
Cost is minimal when you consider unnecessary vet bills because of urinary tract infections, diarrhea, allergies, or long-term illnesses which can be caused by food with low digestibility, poor quality and nutrition, or foods containing toxins! (many  catfoods are made with diseased carcasses- MEAT could mean euthanised dogs & cats!)
SECONDLY- but first and most important to your new kitten's health is
adequate water consumption! Change and wipe out water bowl at least 2 x daily! Fresh, CLEAN water is a TOP PRIORITY! Think about one of those new , filtered cat fountains, we LOVE ours.
Though dry kibble is the best for your kitten's dental health, many experts now agree that a once a day good quality canned food can be an important factor in your kitten's growth. Because many vitamins are cooked out at high processing temperatures, here at Jan's we add 1 teaspoon of a healthmix to each adult's canned food daily, and 1/2 teaspoon per kitten.
The most  nutritious food, of course, is one you make yourself, like the well-balanced, versatile recipe (link shown below) we use.  Also one must weigh  the time and cost of making your own vs. expensive,  but high quality premium foods,  and make an informed decision.
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Jan's Recommended Cat-Care Links...
Help / Answers!
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Complete and Basic HELP for litterbox/spraying problems!
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Library of Cat and Kitten Health and Welfare
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Laser Surgery- humane declaw?
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Homemade HEALTHY Catfood
-AND-how to clip your cat's claws!
Healthmix powder food additive
Kitten Milk
If YOUR vet has "suggested" Declaw with your spay or neuter- he or she was/is NOT acting in either your best interest or your cats'!
Declaw is PERMANENT DAMAGE to your cat!
Ask a
REAL feline expert- (one who actually cares)
They NEVER suggest declaw.
WHY do Vets declaw if it's so inhumane?
Recommended Reading (Cat books)
The New Natural Cat-by Anitra Frazier
The Cat Who Cried for Help-by Dr. Nicholas Dodman
Think Like A Cat- by Pam Johnson Benn
Cat Be Good- by Annie Bruce -
Jan's pages... Just for Fun!
Catscopes!- checkout YOUR kitty's horoscope!- does it match YOUR cat?
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The Miracle of Life a
touching poem by a caring veterinarian
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The Paw Project
Jan's TabbyTalk (care, hints,recipes,more!)
The Rainbow Bridge (light a candle )
Page 3 (touching on behavior)
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Page 4 -Tammy's Page...(hints &  helps)
DECLAW HORROR STORIES (No one declaws with LOVE!)
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Have a Kitten/Cat/Adoption  Question?
If you are STILL Confused about Declaw-Please Read the Following...
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