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Winter 2009
Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!
We're Jan's Kitten Kids. We are located just outside Dubuque, Iowa, an Eastern, Iowa Mississippi River City.
Our closed cattery is no longer in business.. Our breeding program  goal was to continually upgrade the looks, health and temperament of the feline as a pet and companion. Now we hope to upgrade pet/people relations with a better understanding of the feline and it's needs.
While you, as a  new adoptee, are of the utmost importance to us,
our first priority is the future welfare and happiness of the kitten who may soon be depending on YOU to make all the decisions that will affect this dependent for the rest of it's life. We hope you make the RIGHT ones!
PDiablo- 2003
Many factors play into the result of your kitten's unique physical appearance and personality!  Certainly, heredity is one which affects physical characteristics, however, personality is affected  also by litter size, litter pecking order, and early human orientation .
Here, we try to only use select personalities of both the Ragdoll and Persian to become parents of our very special kittens. Still, this can result in  opposite personalities in the very same litter!  The adoptee, in the end, is the real determining factor in developing kitty's permanent personality! We have seen seemingly SHY kittens litterally "bloom" and emerge from their shell with the right person's love and Care. Jan's will once again open when declawing is banned everywhere, as it should be.
Photo 11/04/03
By the same token we have seen kittens with absolutely wonderful, outgoing personalities, leaving the cattery to  later become shy, introverted, and untrusting of humans! Why? Often it begins with the fact that the adoptees had too little knowledge of the feline to begin with, and were unwilling, or didn't take the time to learn.  Planning ahead of time for the new arrival is wise! A new kitten should be given a "sanctuary" room, where he or she can slowly adjust to the new surroundings.  Not chased by children or resident pets. Not overwhelmed with noise, guests and certainly not "punished" verbally or physically by unreasonable expectations when still new and unaware of the house rules! And, hopefully -NEVER DECLAWED!!!
"Malachi"- 2002 son of Shaniah
Indeed, before you bring home that loving bundle of fur, there are many things to learn! Your new kitten should be a tremendous JOY, and not cause for concern. The WISE new owner will plan a new pet vet check, preferably the same day, or very soon after pickup, this will relieve anxieties, and questions and concerns can be answered . It is very important your veterinarian sees your kitten early on, regularly thereafter, and that you schedule a spay or neuter as soon as your vet advises! 
Declawing is a different matter,  although many vets say it is Ok, it  is NOT! Only about 20-30 % of cats declawed are not eventually  recognizably  affected, 100% are physically adversley affected  by this irreversable, maiming procedure! No, the pain of the surgery is just the beginning- the problems that often follow have little or no cure or remedies! Don't let ANYONE  talk you into this ! ( EDUCATION Vs. AMPUTATION)   Help make this legal cruelty a thing of the past!
Pandora's baby 2002
If you are worried about your furnishings, and kitty's claws, remember, a little early training, clipping claws, and a good, tall, sturdy scratching post go a LONG way! And if you don't have as much time as you'd like for training, the use of soft-paws nail caps for the first month or two, till kitty learns the rules, works wonders. These nailcaps are kool-looking and come in kool colors too! Looks like kitty just had a manicure!    (TRAIN- don't cause PAIN!)
So there's no reason you, and kitty, complete with the claws he was born with, can't  live together in harmony and happiness. Remember, the decisions YOU make for him should be GOOD for his life! Not make life his life  miserable and sad.  The next 4 pages should help you make informed decisions on future  questions and or problems you may have that concern you and the World's favorite pet!
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ALWAYS Say NO to Declaw!
(declawing is the painful amputation of 10 BONE SEGMENTS, the severing of tendons and tissue
-if you love your kitten-DON'T even think about it!)
Cat's Claws-Fingers and Toes
Is Laser Declaw Really BETTER?
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The New Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier
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