Those *Cat Days* of Summer!
Photos of just a FEW of the outdoor/sheltered kitties at Jan's- There are blind ones, cerabellar Hypolasia, and other handicaps, but otherwise healthy. The worst handicapped cat here , however, is declawed!  Someone made the choice to ruin her for life, so SAD!
Sunny (left on bench) came here about 6 years ago, apeared to be about a year old, he was neutered and treated for Coccidia.
Grandpa came here 20 years ago, he was trapped and neutered about 18 years ago, we know he is at least 21!
Sunny & Grandpa
Squeak on your left, is a 15 year old Ragdoll neutered male. The little pond is his favorite spot. He tries to catch the bullhead, but no luck so far. He likes climbing trees and sleeps under a dogwood tree in summer.
Mini, above, is a 19 year old Persian(shaved for comfort). She was *rescued* from euthanization at age 4. Mini was declawed .  I could never train her again to use a litterbox, so she is a protected outdoor cat, caged at night. Min's feet and legs are weak and arthritic, her pads are like little pebbles.
Saidi, at 4, above is good with me, but Saidi has an attitude problem, so she is happy just being a cat and not a pet.
Phantom, above was to be a breeder, but at two was still crypt orchid and sterile,, so, he sprayed, and continuesd to even after neutering. This is common, this is the biggest reason I tell people NOT to keep a male OR female intact after the age of 5 months. Breeding cats SPRAY- PETS must be neutered.
Above- Giget was born with bowel problems, so did not use the litterbox to poop in. She is a happy outdoor kitty.

Paddy is a good 16 year old Siamese mix breed. He is a tad bit shy. Been here since a kitten., very vocal!
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Naiomi, at 17, was found as a feral kitten. Hissing and spitting her first week here, she is now a favorite. Naiomi is now on thyroid pills and has had to have a tooth removed, but otherwise healthy and active.