Kitten Milk recipes
For orphaned, early weaned, and weanlings...
Jan (Jan's Kitten Kids) uses this for orphaned strays or supplement feed for cattery kittens, or early weanlings,she says she has better results using a lactose-free or non-dairy milk powder mix
MAKES 1 QUART- recipe may be cut in half

Kitten Milk

1 c. dry milk,}Or 3/4 c. dry non-dairy or lactose-free milk-mix according to directions for 2 cups)
2c. water
1 extra large eggyolk (or two small- NO WHITES)
T. karo syrup
1/8 tea. salt(low sodium)
2 T.emulsified cod liver oil (or Olive oil, or cod-liver oil capsules to equal 1 teaspoon)
2 T. soy protein powder+ 1 cup water
100 mg.vitamin E natural
200 mg. pulverised calcium tablet
1 digestive enzyme tablet emptied
Beat together all ingredients, or shake well . Store in frig.Shake well each time served.   Warm to body temp for tiny kittens, room temp for 6 wks & older kittens. Store no more than 3 days
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Simplified Kitten Milk Recipe-
(to make 2+ cups) Jan (Jan's Kitten Kids has successfully raised kittens with this recipe, very little bowel problems, if any)

2 cups warm water
1/2 cup Human Infant soy formula (powdered)
1 eggyolk (completely separated from white)
-OR 1 teaspoon liquid lecithin
2 pinches salt
1 T. karo syrup
1 Tablespon vegetable protein powder
1/4 of 250 m calcium tablet, pulverized
1 teaspoon cod liver oil-or 2 gelcaps emptied
50 iu natural vitamin E

Mix together in blender or food processor , store in covered container refrigerated, shake with each use, warm to body temp for tiny kittens, room temperature for older kittens, store no more than 4 days in frig. (kittens should be introduced to solid foods, also, by 3 weeks of age. Soak kitten food in water till completely softened, take a small bit and press into kitten's mouth roof to introduce, do this twice daily, and leave small amount available by 4-5 weeks of age.)

Jan's Kitten Kids
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Healthy Catfood
Meow Milk (for kittens, convelescing and elderly cats)

1 1/4 c. water
1 eggyolk (NO white)
1/8 t. seasalt
2 t. honey
2T.vitamite non-dairy drink powder
2T.goatmilk powder
1 T. plain yogurt

Directions:bring to boil in microwave 1/4 c. water, add to beaten yolk while stirring, add salt and honey. Dissolve well  vitamite and gotamilk in 1 c. warm water, beat in yogurt with wire whip, mix in yolk water, mix well, refrigerate up to 4 days.