A relatively new method of veterinary surgery, the laser machine, costs around $45,000.  Is this giving veterinarians 45,000 reasons now to promote declaw surgery? Some people think so.
Even if declawing is expertly done by a top veterinarian surgeon, with no surgical complications, the
results and after effects are the same. It still carries with it possibilities of future complication. After surgery pain meds are still needed. Kitty's toes are still mutilated!
People are being falsely led to believe that laser surgery will somehow be a painless procedure, and that it is OK to have your animal declawed by this method. Longterm problems associated with any amputation will still present themselves.
Laser..the alternative method, more humane?
(exerpt taken from Radio Talk Show
interviewing a caring Veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Conrad)
This photo shows laser bone burns on paw
There quite simply IS no
humane method!

Laser is a wonderful surgical device that should be used for
saving-NOT maiming!
Once cat owners actually learn the TRUTH,  that cats are indeed EASILY trained, that cats MUST have their OWN furniture, that the only truly happy cats still  have their claws, mutilations will cease to exist! Till then, protective laws are very much needed.
Get the FACTS  (the TRUTH never costs a penny, laser costs plenty!)

Actual fact # 1: * Most cats relinquished to shelters for behavioral reasons are there because of misuse of the litterbox, NOT clawing-75% of those euthanized for behavioral reasons are also DECLAWED! 25% of these are PUREBRED!

Actual fact # 2: When a cat is relinquished for *destruction of  property*-if clawing comes to mind, you are mistaken, however if one Specifies destruction as the  misuse of the litterbox by the majority of cats who have been declawed vs. those with claws intact, one would find this a true statement. More declawed cats actually lose their homes than clawed!

Actual Fact # 3: In MOST cases, owners don't even give training a CHANCE! Scratching posts are a must to owning a kitten or cat, and can and do work in virtually ALL cases, IF the right one is used!  NEVER get a cutesy fluffy scratching post aimed at *pleasing PEOPLE'S eyes* rather than a cat's claws! Posts must be TALL, STURDY, covered in plain tight-weave carpet such as Berber, or sisal rope or fabric, and properly placed where it will be used!  Cats are presented to veterinarians for declaw because veterinarians aren't telling them it is totally UNNECESARY! People have been mutilating for decades now because the believe they MUST.  So easy to TRAIN, so cruel to MAIM!

Actual Fact # 4 : The American Veterinarian's Association fought the anit-declaw laws  tooth and nail. Far too much money is being brought into clinics by declaw surgery to allow such a law to go into effect. The fact is, declawing is a CASH COW. Who will spear the Cash cow? THIS alone is the MAIN reason laws are being thwarted, NOT because it isn't indeed a cruelty! When should cruelty be offered as a choice?

Actual Fact # 5: There IS no humane way to do 10 AMPUTATIONS! Although Laser surgery is less invasive in many surgery cases, with declaw, the result is the same, 10 painful amputations, amputations that will require immediate pain management meds just like the guillotine method! Long term effects will be the same, the cat is STILL minus  integral and  most important parts needed for it's life's function!  With the astronomical cost of Laser machines one would hope there would be enough surgeries (other that the maiming of declaws) to warrant it's expense.
laser laser laser laser laser laser laser laser declawing laser declawing laser declaw laser declaw is laser declawing better? vets who laser declaw
laser laser laser laser laser laser laser laser declawing laser declawing laser declaw laser declaw is laser declawing better? vets who laser declaw
NEVER allow MISINFORMATION to cloud the simple truth!
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What you should know but your vet won't tell you! Don't fall for the laser declaw gimmick. Laser declaw NO DIFFERENT-still much pain-
A word from accomplished author
and feline expert, Gary Lowenthal:
Why pay  to make your cat a clubfoot?
-Learn how EASILY cats use their own furniture-
"Or is the laser declaw simply man's latest attempt to ease the guilt of maiming one of nature's most perfectly designed creatures while still making money?"
Is it REALLY Better?
Are human ideas  better than nature's?
...or can man master his own intelligence well enough to work along WITH nature?
WHY are vets actually ADVERTIZING
*mutilations for money?*
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From CATS International
Laser Declaw available!
Laser Declaw available!
From CATS International
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