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Dear fellow cat-lovers and potential kitten adoptees,
(please read this letter in it's entirety)
When you adopt a cat or kitten from this facility, or any facility, you are taking home a new personality, a living, breathing, new family member, a dependant,  complete with physical and emotional  feelings. It is with great concern for the future welfare of these dependants that I have had to add a no-declaw clause to my contract, and a veterinarian reference paper, to be signed, before adoptions take place. In this letter, I hope to explain why.

Many of you, and perhaps even your veterinarians, really do not know the extent of, or the long term affects of this surgery of amputation. I have wittnessed  adverse affects in declawed cats
for many years.
My kittens are very important to me, and so are you, this is why I  have tried to educate past adoptees as to  my reasoning behind
NOT declawing. All too often my words have fallen on deaf ears, or the reasoning "changed" by  a neighbor, friend, or even the person's own veterinarian, who  may suggest there is no proof this surgery actually has ill effects. The Veterinarian doesn't have to please the animal, they have to please YOU!

Declawing the front paws is MUCH worse than losing the first joints of your fingers, though this is often the comparison used. You would be handicapped, yes, and long after you healed you probably would have "ghost pains, as often accompanies painful amputation of bone, cut tendons and nerves, but, at least you would not be using your fingers to also put WEIGHT ON, to balance with, and to walk! Can you imagine the torture of the poor cat that has this done? Obviously some cannot, and certainly do not wish to know. Cats are masters at hiding pain and suffering, perhaps this is the  reason, some actually view their declawed cat as "HAPPY".

Next, we have the absolute HORROR of those declawing
all four-
(Is it not unforgiveable, unbelieveable that
any vet would even consider this surgery?) 
OK, now you have lost your TOES too. HOW DO
YOU FEEL? Laser surgery may be less painful , but with the same result, mutilation, and a lifetime sentence!
Is it any wonder some of these poor animals "change" personality?

Cats are easy to train, even for the novice, following a few simple guidelines, using one-room confinement when not being observed, till trained, using covers for furniture, sticky tape, and, if you must, the use of softpaws vinyl caps, till kitty is fully trained and knows where he can scratch to his little heart's content!  (How SIMPLE) You are happy, and so is your cat!
OK - Now we have a REAL "happy cat",
and a happy Mommy and Daddy too!
Please, get TALL, sturdy  posts, about 4' or taller, and get more than one! Do NOT rely on those short little plush things the stores have- they are almost USELESS!  You can build one to your liking,(
CATTREES)and (CATTREES # 2),  make it fancy, or  simple, some use artificial plants and other decorative touches.  Always be sure it is either wood, or covered in outdoor or berber, tight-weave type of carpet, or part sisal rope wrap is fine. You can find these pieces of special feline furniture on ebay,  search 'cat furniture', or, make it yourself- many easy patterns!

And, yes,  there IS proof that this is a wrongful surgery, with longterm effects!
I recieve letters everyday from those who thank me for telling then NOT to declaw- They tell me they never knew a cat could be so special! (NOT to say many declawed cats are not special, they are even MORE special if they have beaten the odds against them!)....Thank GOD there are actually
people who think for themselves, for the sake of their own.
I also hear from those who declawed- kittens from here, and elsewhere. Some say "the personality changed, they weren't very "nice" anymore- it was gradual... some said their cats no longer used their litterbox, began marking territory with urine, began biting, became aggressive, withdrawn,
...but it had nothing to do with declawing- they were fine after the surgery- "perfectly happy", ...

It is not my intent to upset those  who have done this without actually knowing the extent of harm this surgery presents to your cat,  but rather to educate  people to
prevent still more cats ending up in a shelter because of behavior problems, or spending their entire lives in a sad state! No, all behavior problems do not stem from declawing, but those that do not,  have a reason, and most have a cure- whereas a declawed cat often CANNOT be "cured" or helped. Cannot be retrained!
Declaw is

Why, then, does your vet say it's ok? Actually many don't - a
true feline expert will not say it's ok.
However, declawing is  a lucrative business here in the U.S. and Canada,  this procedure generates alot of money into veterinarian clinics, a professional occupation which has become quite competitive in many cities.  Many
knowing , truly caring vets are now advertising "cat pedicures" and other special feline care to generate revenue formerly brought in by declaw surgery. Larger metro areas are finding more and more people switching to veterinarians they KNOW really CARE- (who REFUSE this cruel surgery and hand out pamphlets to explain why) The blame for this existing legal cruelty does not lie entirely with the veterinarian, he or she must stay competitive, and thus do the will of his client, or the client will seek another who will sympathise with them.  Bad habits are hard to break.
This is why LAWS are so badly needed!
Some may say , the decision to declaw should be a personal one. Sorry- but when should animal cruelty ever be offered as a personal choice?
Educating yourself takes so little time, but declawing your kitten can have a lifetime of consequences, for you, and for your cat!
It is outlawed here at Jan's Kitten Kids. My kittens are sold now ONLY to adoptees who FULLY UNDERSTAND my policies, and do not mind signing my contract,
(as they have no intention of breaking it.)
IF,  after reading this, you still do not understand, or care enough, 
do yourself and a future kitten a favor,
DON'T think about it!
(before thinking about redesigning nature, rethink your reason for  getting a pet!)
(Background Art for this letter by Glenda Moore)
Hugs and Purrs, Jan /
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