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Adoption Policies
Jan's Kitten Kids...
( Pre- aproved adoptees will recieve first considerations
in choosing new kittens)
Pets are for LIFE-their life! Don't adopt without carefully thinking and learning about all that is involved!
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For many years it has been our goal to produce beautiful, loving, healthy pets. By the same token we must try to insure the adoptees of these dependants are just as loving as the kittens they adopt.  We hope all future pet owners honestly realize that adopting a pet means caring for it for its life. Caring for means quality time/attention, nutritious food, healthy environment, regular vet care, and commitment for the LIFE of your pet. Much like a child, who is a dependent, problems or health concerns may crop up in the future. Pets are not disposable!  Regular veterinary care can prevent many problems, and each and every owner should ask himself or herself if he is financially capable of these responsibilities.
Other questions to HONESTLY ask  and answer yourself are:
If I must move to another apartment ,  am I willing to make the extra effort , or pay the extra money it takes to find an apartment that will accept my pet (eg. dog / cat?)
what would I honestly do if my new girlfriend or boyfriend does not like my cat /dog? (Good relationships are built on mutual interests / desire to please-both ways!)-Or in case of divorce, who will be the responsible party?  Unfortunately your pet has no voice in the matter...
(oddly, most people/PET relationships last longer than some people relationships/marriages!)
Do I have quality time to spend with my pet? ( TWO kittens are SO much better if you're gone  much of the time, or must board  or leave them for any length of time!-( twice the fun, and responsibility ,
but worth it!)  No one likes to be all alone!
NEVER make a rash decision to adopt
any pet!  While depression may be temporarily relieved  by the adoption of a new pet, what happens when the  newness  wears off? .......................
This pet will still depend on YOU!
(People may be capable of walking away and forgetting, but their pets
NEVER forget)
WHY(???) would a new baby in the home  mean the pet must go?
Jan's policy for adoptions-
*No Shipping-
(except through personal/ taxi service  means)
No declaw!- (we now only sell to those who can give love as your pet does- unconditionally!)
Spay /Neuter Contract applies
Veterinarian references a must for 1st -time adoptees!
Kittens Available