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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge...
The Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge we all must cross,
so please don't think  of me as lost.

You may have thought my life was brief,
but you nutured mine with little grief.

My love for you was all I had,
I took yours with me, don't be sad.

And times when things  have gone awry,
were just life's way for you and I!

Please don't feel guilt for what went wrong,
'cause it didn't bother me for long-

I thank you for my happy days,
You shared your life in loving ways!

We'll meet again, tho we know not when,
so, please,  find happiness till then,

Think just  fuzzy warmth somehow,
and share your love with another now....

by jan
All right reserved / jans kitten kids/8/24/02

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~In Loving Memory~
This site created in memory of all cats and kittens everywhere, those who have crossed with love,
and those who were abandoned
Miss Mouse- born summer of 1980- died winter of 2001- You were Queen of the mousers!
Poody- born March 1981- died July, 2002- Never a kinder, sweeter cat!
Nakita- born April, 1983- died February, 2002- You weren't the sweetest, but a regal lady for sure.
Bambi- born 1988 - died February 2001- So smart You were, overcoming all obstacles in your life!
Tiny Angels Dressed in Fur

Cats are truely tiny angels sent from up above,
Dressed in many colors just for us to love!

They teach us wondrous things in many different ways,
And we don't realise we're learning as they brighten up our days.

Then one day God calls them,  their work on earth is done,
We've learned to love and laugh again, yes,  more loving we've become!

by jan /jan's Kitten Kids- all rights reserved 9/01/02
Midnight- born in 1988- died September 6, 2002- You were a fighter even towards the end.
Amanda- born summer of 1984, died February 2002- Such a beautiful lady you were,so loved!
Tasha- born Spring of 1982- died September 22, 2002- You died in your sleep, as the butterfly sleeps
Riley- born February 23, 1999- died October 7, 2002- Never could another be more loved or cherished!
Ms.Missy- Born 1983- died Oct.31, 2001- My "One-of-a-kind Lady", and so very loved.
Charity- born April of 1990- died March 21, 2003-Charity was the most beautiful and best Companion I had.
Lighting Candles for our Kitties
For all Cats & Kittens throughout the world who died without  love and Care-
May education in Love and Humanity help find homes for all and stop cruelty everywhere!
Elliot (BD unknown) -died too soon (posted December 13,2003)You were the best "Bill"
Jazzabelle- born spring, 1990- died August, 2003- You were always a sweet little gril and loved
Gypsy-born-abt. 2001-died February 11.2004-Now you have the wind and the world sweet baby!
Atkin-born 1998, died October 2, 2005- In loving memory of my sweet little girl. I miss you
Herr Burgermeister-5/1998-8/30/05-Stole our hearts from the day he was born, so sad when he departed.
Patches-born 6/6/87-died 2/25/07- Patches was a great cuddler and loved his Momma, Dianne
Newport-born 9/15/06, died in 2/07-Bless our Angel Newport, in our hearts forever~
Minni Pearl-born 1986, died  4/07-Poor baby lived with the cruelty of  declaw-died with love
Personalized Granite Pet Memorials
Leaving footprints on our hearts...