Me N' My Tree!
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It's IMPORTANT your cat has it's OWN furniture! First thing you need BEFORE you get a cat/kitten!
To your left, Diablo (Rag-a-Per) relaxes after a good healthy *Scratch and stretch*-so important to a cat's relaxation and upper body toning!
Above: This cat tree is 6 ft. tall and covered in berber type carpeting
Oz, a lynxpoint Ragdoll, relaxes on the top shelf of this cat tree. This one has poles covered in sisal rope. And is about 4 ft. tall.
Here we have several cat trees, this one, located in a bedroom is by a window, it extends floor to ceiling with a tention pole. It is covered in berber carpeting.
Above: Sealpoint kitten clings to bottom shelf after an almost fall just playing too fast.
Left:Chocolate lynxpoint malequietly relaxes on a cat tree shelf.
Queen Lacey....helping cats to *cope* with rehoming...
Lacey may be here permanently or temperarily. She needs to be an ONLY cat in a good home. She is a 3 year old Chocolate lynxpoint spayed female.  Lacey lived in her former rsidence without a companion cat, and really doesn't care for the other cats here, or the kittens. Lacey has decided to just stay in Jan's computer room, only roaming the house when the other cats are downstairs. She has even talked me into bringing her food and water dishes in so no one bothers her. Lacey's throne is a padded shelf high up on the window., here she perches. She also has a cat tree ! Here now 4 months.
Adopting older kittens and cats: Be sure to have a sanctuary room or large enclosure complete with kitty's food, bed,toys, litterbox. If possible, have at least a few of the cat's former residence belongings. Don't be discouraged if your new kitty doesn't seem to like you right away, sometimes it takes a week to months for a cat to adjust. Please be understanding of this, it is extremely hard on them to be rehomed, you will be rewarded for your patience. Older cats CAN make the best pets. Soft music, treats, a little catnip, understanding is important.  Do not allow resident pets with the newly adopted cat till you are sure they are pleasanlty aquainted, this, too takes time, don't rush it, give them all the etime they need. When new pet wishes to explore and is beginning to bond with you, be sure resident pet is safely in another part of the home.
Declawed cats are much more difficult to adjust to new surroundings and may show extreme anxiety, either reclusively or aggressively, please know this does NOT mean the cat is mean, it just instinctively knows it's defense is gone and is phsychologically scarred. Stay calm, try using feliway plug ins in the room they come into, and in the room you expect cats spend most of their time. Bach's flower essence may be given as well to calm the extremely frightened cat. Organic catnip is useful as well as soft soothing music.
To ward off litterbox problems be sure you use several litterboxes and for declawed cats use a soft littter like Yesterday's News, and or, put litter all to one end so sore paws step on bare bottom instesd of gritty litter.